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This website gives you immediate access to our multimedia training library where you can learn about new techniques and materials from expert clinicians. Earn "interactive CEU" by signing up for free VOCO LIVE Webinars. Take the on-demand CE classes anytime and earn free "self-study CEU".

Upcoming Live CE Webinars (view all)

enter classroom Life Behind Bars: How to Identify a Biomimetic / Supercomposite
Presenter: Mr. Gregor Connell    CE Credits: 1 CEU
Webinar Begins:  4/5/23  7:00 PM ET,  4:00 PM PT

The goal of every composite restorative material developed by manufacturers, is to become the synthetic restorative that best mimics natural tooth structure and be the most Biomimetic available. Materials can claim to be the “best” in one or more performance categories or testing protocols. However, the best material theoretically - will be the one that is “best” in the greatest number of those testing categories or properties. This CE webinar will detail and analyze the various “key” testing protocols used in manufacturing for the testing of composite materials. We will then explain the in-vivo, clinical value, of those tests and associated bar graphs. Additionally, we will discuss how these various performance indicators, impact the long-term marginal integrity of restorations.    (enter class)

enter classroom Do You Hear Your Patient’s Tooth Saying, “Save Me!"
Presenter: Dr. Lou Graham    CE Credits: 1 CEU
Webinar Begins:  4/10/23  7:00 PM ET,  4:00 PM PT

All too often, we are faced with essential decisions regarding how best to restore a root canaled tooth that has lost the majority of its tooth structure. Yes, of course its easy to simply say bye-bye and place an implant but this course is all about extending the life of such teeth for many rainy days. We will dive into when to place a post or maybe two or maybe three and when it’s best just to rebuild with a great core buildup. This CE webinar will take you through the thought process, the research, and the clinical steps to ensure for long term success. If you like to say bye-bye to teeth before their time is up, this course is not for you!    (enter class)

enter classroom The Weakest Link: Updating the Non-Surgical Approach to Periodontal Therapy
Presenter: Amber Auger, RDH, MPH    CE Credits: 1 CEU
Webinar Begins:  4/26/23  7:00 PM ET,  4:00 PM PT

Change can be difficult for patients and clinicians. Clinical studies demonstrate the prevalence of periodontal disease among our patient populations, yet it is still vastly undertreated by the dental profession. Due to its multi-factorial nature, periodontal disease demands a comprehensive approach to treatment recommendations critical to the patient's long-term success. This CE webinar is designed to provide a practical implementation specific to the patient's staging and grading of the latest clinical and homecare innovations. In addition, attendees will identify how to increase patient compliance!
   (enter class)

Featured CE Class (view all)

enter classroom End the Silence: The State of Long-Term Care Facilities and Oral Health Care
Presenter: Sonya Dunbar, RDH    CE Credits: 1 CEU

A Silent Epidemic of oral diseases is afflicting older adults in long-term care facilities, and frail elderly adults suffer in silence from poor and neglected oral care. This CE webinar will discuss the oral health status of the elderly residing in LTCF and the relationship this has with oral and systemic health. Explain how and why oral care is provided to residents on ventilators, feeding tubes, bedbound and comatose. A review will be provided on the relationship between the oral manifestations and oral complications of common systemic diseases, with a strong emphasis on pneumonia. The CE webinar will conclude with an outline of establishing an interdisciplinary oral care program in long-term care facilities.    (enter class)

Latest Podcast Episodes (view all)

Episode: Ending the Silence in Long-Term Care Facilites - Let's Talk About It!
From Series: VOCO Dental Podcast Series
Series: VOCO America CE Credits: 0.25
Guest: Sonya Dunbar, RDH Release Date: 3/21/23

Featured Product Tutorial (view all)

enter classroom Grandio blocs

VOCO is now pleased to bring you Grandio blocs, highly-filled Nano-Ceramic Hybrid CAD/CAM blocks. Grandio blocs combine high strength and optimal tooth-like physical properties with ease of use, to enable you to provide enhanced performance and true one appointment dentistry.    (enter class)

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